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Add-on Modules

Envision Online Booking Module

This option allows you to book appointments directly to the Envision Calendar. Our online booking module allows Clients to schedule, view and cancel appointments. Additionally, we have an Employee section that allows your staff to review their upcoming schedule and appointment information Read More.... POA

Envision Paging Interface

This option allows you to page staff that their appointment has arrived or that they may be required by a staff member to assist with additional services POA

Membership Program
Adds the ability to create an unlimited number of membership programs with flexible billing schedules. Memberships can be configured to provide clients with discounts and price reductions on inventory types or individual products and services. Memberships are automatically billed on the renewal dates for a fixed term or unlimited terms.

Envision QuickBooks Module

This module allows you to transfer information from Envision directly to QuickBooks Pro version 2005 or better. For those Salon's using QuickBooks to manage their accounting. POA

Envision Training Modules

Training is just like having a trainer right there next to you! With a Broadband or Cable Internet connection we can connect to your computer and show you exactly where to click or how to enter and edit information in the program, various options also available POA

Envision Work Stations

For adding additional workstation licenses to your Envision purchase. Prices are for Envision Standard and Pro versions. POA
Envision supports

2 additional workstations STD (Including main programme as 1)

5 additional workstations PRO (Including main programme as 1)

Loyalty Program
Adds the ability to create an unlimited number of loyalty prog
rams Loyalty Programs is a feature of Envision that allows you to reward your clients for purchases, trying new products, referrals and prebooking. POA

Envision Enterprise Module

For spas and salons that have more than One location or are part of a national chain, you need highly specialised capabilities, particularly advanced reporting functions. Envision Enterprise is the answer. With its built in, multi-location features, Enterprise effectively manages each individual location, while providing powerful financial "roll up" capabilities and sales analysis functions. This is the solution that will provide regional or corporate executives with up-to-the-minute, big picture information about the full enterprise for more informed decision making.* POA






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